Keeping Residents Safe During Cleanup After a Catastrophic Weather Event

Keeping Residents Safe During Cleanup After a Catastrophic Weather Event

When a hurricane or tornado has passed, recovery and cleanup operations must begin; and they must begin quickly. Just because the inclement weather has cleared out of the area, the need for safety has not gone away.

Residents that evacuated want to return to see what damage has occurred to their personal property. This is understandable. However, debris is strewn everywhere. Accidents are likely to occur in this scenario.

Disaster Recovery crews are working hard to ensure residents are not trapped or lying injured in their homes. Cleanup crews are trying to act quickly so emergency vehicles can move freely through the streets. Residents are tired and emotional, but, feel compelled to check on their homes. This is a very dangerous time.

Below, we cover some of the traffic safety products useful within a disaster site.

High Visibility Apparel

To reduce risk, workers should wear proper safety apparel. Without proper apparel, they are at a tremendous risk of not being readily seen. The proper safety vests will increase the well being of authorized workers.

The safety vests that are the best choice are called High-Visibility Safety Apparel. The vests should meet the standard safety apparel requirements of ISEA “American National Standard for High-Visibility Apparel”. The apparel should be properly labeled as meeting the ANSI 107-1999 standard performance for Class 2.

Electronic Safety Baton

The Electronic Safety Baton is the most common light used to direct traffic. This is a LED baton 20″ total length – the red portion of wand 13″ in length. It has 2 Functions: Red flashing and Red steady.

Water Fillable Barricades

The best uses for Water Fillable Barricades are temporary work zones and Road Detours.

These water fillable barricades are light weight and can conform to any road way design. No heavy machinery is needed to install. But, they can be picked up by a forklift.

Classic Folding barricade

Then there is the Classic Folding Barricade that are the standard for high quality traffic barricades. These are a safer alternative and have a lower liability than metal or wooden barricades, since they are plastic. They come with provisions for a mounting light.

Breakaway Barricades Type III

The Breakaway Barricades Type III are NCHRP 350 compliant. There are two pieces that are comprised of a top U channel that snaps into the second piece, which is the bottom base.

They never rust or splinter. Ballasting is with water (warmer climates), sand or sandbags. So they are quick and easy to set-up or take down.

Be Prepared

If you are interested in proper equipment, such as barricades and safety apparel that help these authorized workers do their job, contact Traffic Safety Direct. We love to help, answer questions, and share our experience.


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