It’s Not Too Late to Shop for Snow Plow Accessories

It’s Not Too Late to Shop for Snow Plow Accessories

It’s Not Too Late to Shop for Snow Plow Accessories

Snow plows are designed to be tough enough to move anything from a few inches to several feet of snow. However, snow plow operators are human – and at this point in the season, you may be feeling the effects of working long hours under hazardous conditions.

Snow Plow Accessories Can Make Your Job Safer and Easier

Investing in quality snow and ice management equipment can go a long way towards increasing your efficiency, but there are also accessories available to improve your plow and make your job that much easier. For example, LED lighting upgrades and adding curb guards and a snow deflector will not only enhance your safety, but they will take your plowing experience to another level.

Choose Add-Ons Designed Specifically for Your Plow Make and Model

Many accessories are designed for a particular make and model of snow plow, so it is essential to know exactly what type of equipment you have before buying any parts or accessories. Take hose kits for example. Hoses are one of the most crucial components of your plow. At Plow Parts Direct, we carry hose kits that are model specific for each Western plow.

So, if you have an 8' Pro Plus Fleet Flex snow plow, our team recommends you purchase the Pro Plus Fleet Flex Hose Kit coupled with a Fleet Flex Emergency Kit Add On, which contains the essential emergency parts for all Fleet Flex Ultramount Plows. Buy the kit, put it on the shelf or in your vehicle and rest assured you have back up hoses in case one ruptures.

Deflectors and Curb Guards Protect You and Your Plow 

Another accessory to consider using is a rubber snow deflector. This add-on to the top of the plow helps improve operator visibility by keeping the vehicle’s windshield free of blowing snow. When installed, the angle created with the blade directs the snow out of your line of sight so you always have a clear view of where you’re going. The flexibility of the rubber ensures the deflector will not break, even in the heaviest of snow conditions. Western’s Rubber Deflector Kit MVP3 -41810, designed for use with their rugged MVP 3 V-plow, features bolt-on steel plates to ensure proper positioning.

Curb guards are an optional accessory, but you might consider them a necessity if you have a commercial plow operation. Western’s Curb Guard Kit will protect the outer edge of your MVP 3 V-plow from wear and tear when plowing along sidewalks and curbs.  

Western’s Snowplow Control Cup Holder is a Must-Have Accessory

Every operator who has tried to juggle their cell phone and snow plow controls at the same time will appreciate Western’s new Snowplow Control Cup Holder Control Mount. Functional, practical and easy to use, this must-have add-on lets you secure your plow controls and smartphone on a flexible, customizable mount for optimal positioning. It adjusts to fit most sizes of cup holders, and is designed to function seamlessly with hand-held plow controls, joystick plow controls and any type of mobile phone.

Purchasing snow plow gear now will help you handle whatever winter still has in store.

Before the next big snow, check out our complete inventory of Western accessories or contact our experts at 888-260-3246 for help choosing the right items to fit your needs and your snow plow equipment.

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