Innovative Approaches to Ensure Traffic Safety

Innovative Approaches to Ensure Traffic Safety

The approach often taken to improve traffic Safety has been to increase awareness of the reasons for traffic accidents and related fatalities. This approach is then enhanced by following up with personal education on traffic safety.

But there is another approach that is being adopted. This approach is to look at the way traffic moves within our road systems of the United States. This approach does not focus solely on the individual, but, on the dynamic of our traffic flow.

Standard Approach for Traffic Safety

The standard approach for traffic safety looks at the human behavior.  The issues requiring special attention are identified, like;

  • distracted driving,
  • carelessness,
  • lack of sleep,
  • intoxication.


Alternative Approach to Traffic Safety

In the alternative approach, the focus is on the way traffic moves through our transportation infrastructure. This view considers issues such as cyclists being on the same road as fast moving cars, excessive speed limits on roads that curve, etc.

At the head of this approach is Vision Zero. As it is stated in How does Vision Zero differ from the traditional approach to traffic safety?

But in the Vision Zero framework, the road safety problem isn’t the individual, but rather the flaws in the transportation system—flaws that mean, for example, that cars can move at excessive speeds on city streets and incompatible road users (for instance, bicyclists and drivers) have to share the road.

In redefining the problem, we’re required to develop solutions that will impact the true culprit: an unforgiving street network that doesn’t take into account that people make mistakes. The focus thus shifts from solutions focused on perfecting individual behavior to solutions focused on perfecting a transportation system that failed to protect people who made predictable errors.

Construction Sites

In addition to our regular traffic patterns in our road system, construction sites need to get special attention. We have previously stated in this blog that construction sites are a critical place to insure traffic safety directly. When a construction site is on or near a traffic pattern, the dynamic of the traffic is distorted from the original intent. Traffic speeds need to be reduced to  accommodate the unusual circumstances. Traffic Control Plans must be developed and agreed to by the effected municipalities. Many considerations must be made for optimum safety results.

Traffic Safety products are used to clearly mark the new, but temporary, traffic patterns created by construction sites. Attention must be made to all factors to ensure a harmonious interaction between all moving elements during the construction process.

Approaches for Traffic Safety

All approaches must be considered to ensure people may move about their communities safely, even during times of road improvements or construction. At Traffic Safety Direct, we are experienced in assisting the effort of safety. Contact us anytime. We love to share our experience and knowledge.

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