Ground Protection Mats



The World’s Toughest Ground Protection Mats

These rugged mats are virtually indestructible. Made from ½” thick recycled polyethylene, AlturnaMATS bend, but don’t break. Thin but mighty, each mat withstands vehicles weighing up to 120 tons!

Quick Traction and Roadway Creation 

The mats’ bold cleat design provides for great traction so you don’t get stuck or leave ruts in your path. You can build a continuous working platform or roadway in minutes with their easy linking system. Just lock them together and go. They offer much better performance than plywood, which can become slippery and warp.   

Grass and Turf Protection 

AlturnaMATS are ideal for use where vehicles cross lawns, turf, mud, even swampy areas. They provide easy movement and ground protection – saving you time, effort, and thousands in ground restoration costs.  

AlturnaMATS are ideal for:

  • Utility and Heavy Construction 
  • Compact Equipment 
  • Tree Care
  • Turf Care  
  • Grass Care 
  • Golf Course Maintenance 
  • Cemeteries 
  • Wherever ground restoration is a factor


Mats are available in either smooth on one side, or smooth on both sides. Just hose off to clean.

Authorized Dealer. Great Pricing. 

We are an AlturnaMATS authorized dealer, so you know you are getting the real thing. Mats are available in black or white, in a variety of sizes. Pricing for 8’x4’ mats is below. CALL FOR PRICING ON SMALLER SIZES.


Fast delivery. Order your AlturnaMATS today. 


AlturnaMATS The Original Ground Protection Mats

Featuring Maximum Traction Diamond Plate Tread Design.


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Alturnamats Ground Cover Mats 4x8 - Black

Durable 4x8 ground cover mat. Made of .5” thick polyethylene, Alturnamats are virtually indestructible. Can support vehicles and equipment weighing up to 120 tons without breaking. SEE PRODUCT DETAILS BELOW.
From $223.33

Clear Alturnamat 8'x4' CM48 -Ground Protection Mat

Clear Alturnamat 8'x4' CM48 -Ground Protection Mat
From $267.77

Handi Hook for Alturnamat

Handi Hook for Alturnamat Ground Protection Mats

Single EZ Link 2 Button

Single EZ Link 2 Button for use with Alturnamat Ground Protection Mats

Turn A Link Single Round

Turn A Link Single Round for use with Alturnamat Ground Protection Mats