How to Choose a Snow Plow that Will Increase Your Bottom Line

How to Choose a Snow Plow that Will Increase Your Bottom Line

How to Choose a Snow Plow that Will Increase Your Bottom Line

If you’re thinking about starting a snow removal business or looking to upgrade your current fleet, choosing the right snow plow is critical. Your equipment can be the difference between boosting your bottom line and losing revenue because it’s in the repair shop more than it’s on the road.

Match the Snow Plow to the Workload

There are many things that need to be considered before making a decision on purchasing a snow plow. In addition to the different brands and models on the market, it is critical to choose equipment that can handle the workload and type of snow removal operations you anticipate engaging in.

Consider the Required Plow Maintenance

All snow plows require maintenance, and the easier it is to maintain your plow, the less costly it will be in terms of both time and money. Quality brands like Western and Sno-Way design their plows to make routine maintenance and emergency repair simple. This is a key reason why it makes sense to buy a new plow versus a used plow if you can afford it. If this is the first time you are purchasing snow removal equipment, you may not know how to properly evaluate its condition. A used plow that appears to be a good deal may end up being past its prime, costing you more in repairs in the long run.

Pick the Right Plow Design for Your Needs

One of the key differentiating factors in choosing a snow plow is its design and construction. Snow plow manufacturers have made significant advances in recent years. This means selecting from among the most common models, combined with proper technique, will bring greater efficiency to any snow and ice management operation.

The 3 Most Common Snow Plow Models and Their Key Features

1.Versatile V-Plows Carry Snow with Minimum Spilling

The most common makes of snow plows are straight blade and v-plows. Named for the shape of the blade, the main difference is the versatility they offer the driver. V-plows provide operators with flexibility when angling and directing the blade. These plows can carry snow with minimum spilling and are effective for hard-packed snow, ice, and deep drifts as well as for making an initial breakthrough.

Western’s rugged MVP 3 v-plow has the power and performance needed for any commercial snowplowing operation. With extreme flared wings and double-acting cylinders, this plow is both efficient and reliable.

2.Straight Blade Snow Plows are Easy to Operate

Straight blade snow plows can’t be turned and angled in as many ways. This means they are less versatile but easier to use, making them a good option for those just starting a snow removal business. When operating straight blade plows, the goal is to get the snow as far away from buildings as possible – so avoid angling the blade toward a building.

Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, the Pro Plus from Western is a rugged straight blade featuring a 65-degree attack angle. The high carbon steel cutting edge comes standard, reducing wear and extending the life of the blade.

3.Adjustable-Wing Snow Plows Offer the Ultimate in Efficiency

Multi-positional or adjustable-wing snow plows like Western’s Wideout allow operators to put the plow into the most efficient positions needed to get the job done. Wideout’s independently controlled, flared wings retract at the push of a button to maneuver in smaller and tighter areas like parking lots filled with cars. In wide-open areas, the wings can be expanded to provide a larger plowing path. Angling both wings inward to a "scoop" position gives the driver the ability to effectively contain snow.

At Traffic Safety Direct/Plow Parts Direct, we sell and service hundreds of snow plows each year. An authorized Western and Sno-Way dealer for close to 50 years, we can provide the guidance and advice you need when buying equipment and parts and serve as your go-to full-service repair shop. Give our experts a call at 888-260-3246.

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