High Visibility Safety Apparel is Critical for Crossing Guards

High Visibility Safety Apparel is Critical for Crossing Guards

Crossing guards are up before the crack of dawn so they can be at their posts in time to protect our children at traffic crossings.

Their service is greatly appreciated, especially when you consider that they are putting themselves at risk. To reduce the risk, they should wear proper safety apparel. Without proper apparel, they are at a tremendous risk of not being seen by a driver. Crossing guards can blend in to the background and not be well seen during the hues of early morning light.

The safety vests that are the best choice are called High-Visibility Safety Apparel. The vests should meet the standard safety apparel requirements of ISEA “American National Standard for High-Visibility Apparel”. The apparel should be properly labeled as meeting the ANSI 107-1999 standard performance for Class 2.

Regarding the use of High Visibility Safety Apparel, the post Tips for Complying with the New Highway Worker Visibility Standard states:

Training Chief Ron Moore of McKinney, Texas, has written a very simple vest policy: “When your feet are on the street, your vest is on your chest.”

Safety for both, our children and the incredible volunteers that protect our children, is critical. Traffic Safety Direct provides a selection of safety vests for school crossing guards, such as the Public Safety Vest Lime Mesh 5-pt breakaway PVC pockets that is Class 2 Ansi/SEA 107-2010 certified. The breakaway pockets are very important in case a pocket is snagged by a moving vehicle.

If you are needing ANSI compliant safety apparel, contact Traffic Safety Direct and let us know how we can help.

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