Be Prepared for Upcoming Infrastructure Projects with the Right Traffic Safety Products

Be Prepared for Upcoming Infrastructure Projects with the Right Traffic Safety Products

Be Prepared for Upcoming Infrastructure Projects with the Right Traffic Safety Products

Improving the country’s infrastructure has been making headlines this year, with a focus on the need for federal funding to support projects of national, state and local importance. The U.S. Senate approved a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill in early August, allocating billions of dollars for everything from ports and public transit to road safety and water systems. Although the legislation faces an uncertain future in the House, it’s likely that a version will pass by the end of this year.

Ongoing Supply Chain Issues Make Planning Ahead for Safety Products Critical

Having access to additional funds to help pay for much-needed infrastructure improvements will be great news for states, cities and towns. And after a challenging year due to COVID-19 and natural disasters, many restrictions have been lifted and paused projects have re-started.

However, ongoing supply chain disruptions and the volatility in raw material prices continue to create uncertainties. Increased demand for the supplies needed to execute spring/summer 2022 projects is going to put a strain on an already tight market.

For example, Traffic Safety Direct customers have been plagued by traffic paint shortages this summer. Some orders that were placed in March still have not been delivered. We have had to be resourceful in looking for alternative options, and if one supplier is out of stock, we have sometimes been successful in tapping secondary sources that enabled us to deliver paint to clients. Unfortunately, the situation is not expected to improve any time soon.

Place 2022 Orders for Products Sooner Rather Than Later

Project owners, managers and contractors not only face the possibility of higher prices and longer lead times at the outset of projects, but also uncertainty regarding pricing and scheduling impacts throughout construction. Planning must take into account potential price fluctuations and supply shortages that could lead to longer project durations.

If you anticipate needing specific products for a planned infrastructure or construction project, ordering as early as possible may help to avoid the risk of delays. You might also consider ordering larger quantities to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

Stock Up on Traffic Safety Essentials

Traffic marking paint is a basic necessity for projects that involve repairing, repaving or constructing new roadways. Stripe Extra Traffic Marker is specifically formulated for line striping over freshly coated asphalt. Long-lasting, traffic ready in 60 minutes and VOC compliant, it can be applied with a wand or by hand for marking curbs or stencils. Ideal for parking lots, lane lines, edge lines and center lines on both asphalt and concrete roadways, our Waterbase Traffic and Parking Lot Paint comes in 5-gallon pails of white, lead free yellow, black or blue. Purchase a pallet (32 pails) to qualify for our pallet pricing discount.

From bridge construction to utility work, there are countless improvement and maintenance projects that require the use of temporary signage to ensure safety. Reflective Roll-up Traffic Signs and Portable Traffic Sign Bases provide the visibility, control and security needed to inform and protect workers, pedestrians and motorists – combined with features that make them easy to use and transport from one work zone to another. Traffic Safety Direct specializes in all types of Construction Signs that meet DOT and MUTCD specifications. Need signs in a hurry? We can have your order ready in a day.

Protect Workers on the Job with Quality Safety Apparel

Traffic Safety Direct is your resource for clothing and accessories to keep workers safe on the job. Our large assortment of Reflective Safety Vests includes breakaway vests for use in extreme traffic conditions or around moving equipment to prevent workers from being pulled into harm’s way. We can also print your company name on any of our vests – just give us a call for a custom quote.

Contact the Traffic Safety Direct team today with questions or concerns about the pricing and availability of any of our traffic safety products.

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