Barricades Help Ensure Public Safety at Outdoor Events

Barricades Help Ensure Public Safety at Outdoor Events

The “dog days” of August may be a sign that summer is winding down. But there is no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy between now and the official end of the season, from charity fun runs and amateur sporting events to Labor Day parades.

Planning large-scale events can be quite a challenge. Organizers must manage an endless list of responsibilities and details to ensure that everything goes smoothly, from permitting, concessions and entertainment to recruiting volunteers, parking and attendee safety. The larger the event, the more important it is to ensure that crowd control measures are in place. The easier it is for pedestrians and vehicles to navigate in and out of the event, the less likely accidents are to occur.

Counties and municipalities are often responsible for ensuring public safety at the many parades, festivals and other activities that take place in their communities. When events impact driver and/or pedestrian traffic routes, maps should be created that clearly delineate street closures and detours, and local businesses and residents need to be notified of any street closures affecting them well in advance.

The Benefits of A-Frame Barricades for Traffic and Pedestrian Control

A wide variety of crowd control and traffic safety products are available to help ensure that events are safe and enjoyable for all involved. Traffic barricades can be used to define boundaries, restrict access to specific areas and make street closures obvious for visitors on foot and in vehicles, making them a vital part of any plan to keep event participants safe.

At Traffic Safety Direct,we sell easy-to-use, durable plastic A-frame barricades that are ideal for a variety of applications. These barricades are made with high-performing materials to meet today’s requirements for crowd and traffic control. This modern version of the classic wooden A-frame barrier features a long horizontal plank placed at the top of two vertical “legs”. These barricades are simple to set up and lightweight construction makes it easy to move and stack the components to maximize space for storage and transportation.

Traffic Safety Direct sells A-frame legs that accept 2" x 8" planks and have holes built in for mounting warning lights. Our 8’ plastic barricade planks come with an option to add reflective sheeting to both sides for increased visibility at events that take place after dark. You can customize your barricades for identification and added theft deterrent.

Extra Signage Means Extra Safety

In some cases, event planners may use temporary signage to more clearly direct pedestrians or drivers. Our rubber and plastic sign bases can be used anywhere that portable or semi-permanent signage is needed. Combined with our MUTCD-compliant aluminum traffic signs, these bases are ideal for locations ranging from parking lots and crosswalks to construction sites.

The Tip ‘N Roll® Portable Pole2 is a truly portable, no-hassle plastic sign base. It has a low profile, 18” diameter technopolymer base that fits through any doorway, and built-in wheels that roll easily on most surfaces. The 48″ pole is pre-drilled to accommodate signs from 12″ x 18″ to 24″ x 30″, and a pre-drilled 58″ pole is also available.

For larger signs and/or taller poles, the XL Portable Pole 3 Large Format/Heavy Duty Rolling Sign Base has a 24” diameter and 16” height for maximum stability and wind resistance. The clean, modern design is perfect for indoor and outdoor locations, and the tip-and-roll design eliminates carrying. For added weight, the base can be filled with water, sand or cement.

When caring about visitor safety and the environment are top priorities, consider our Portable Recycled Rubber Sign Post Base. Made of 100% post consumer recycled tire rubber, one sign post base diverts five tires from America’s landfills. Each base supports signs up to 24 inches in diameter, and will not rust, chip, crack, crumble, corrode or need repainting. Aerodynamic and heavy enough to stay upright, this base is light enough to be tipped and rolled to another location.

No matter what your crowd and traffic control needs, we’re here to offer helpful advice and smart solutions to keep visitors safe. Contact Traffic Safety Direct today!

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