Are Snow Plows Out Right Now? They Are! Find Out What's New this Season

Are Snow Plows Out Right Now? They Are! Find Out What's New this Season

Are Snow Plows Out Right Now? They Are! Find Out What's New this Season

Buyers often start thinking about purchasing equipment in the months leading up to snow plowing season. At Plow Parts Direct, our customers start asking, “What’s new this year?” as soon as the leaves start to turn. We think the timing is perfect – because top manufacturers like Western Products begin introducing and promoting their new snow and ice control products right now.

Here Are Some of the Latest Products from the Top Snow Removal Manufacturers

The New Western Enforcer V-Plow - a Perfect Fit for Half-Ton Trucks

Known for their industry-leading expertise, Western offers a full line of high quality, state-of-the-art snow plows and spreaders for commercial, municipal and personal use. This year they have introduced the Western Enforcer v-plow, which has been engineered with all the features, efficiency and performance of full-size Western v-plows – distilled into a lightweight design for professionals and homeowners who use half-ton trucks.

Constructed of high-strength, low alloy steel, the Enforcer v-plow is stronger and lighter than conventional steel. The 7’6” wide v-plow features wings that soar from a 27” center height to 33” at the outer edge, making it ideal for asphalt and paved surfaces as well as for scraping up ice and hard-packed snow.

Western’s Compact Striker Hopper Spreaders - Suited to Smaller Spaces

Also new for the 2020-21 season are the Western Striker 0.7 and 0.35 cubic yard stainless steel hopper spreaders. They offer the capabilities and efficiency of larger Striker hopper spreaders in a compact size that is better suited for handling smaller spaces and jobs.

The new models are designed with Western’s FLEET FLEX technology to provide easy installation and operation as well as greater reliability. The extra-large 12” polyurethane spinner delivers a spread pattern of up to 30 feet and provides corrosion-free performance. Dual variable speed control gives operators the ability to precisely match materials delivery and spread patterns to current conditions. 

Choosing the Right Snow Removal Equipment to Match the Workload

Before making a decision on purchasing a new snow plow or spreader, there area number of factors to considered. In addition to the different brands and models on the market, it is critical to choose equipment that can handle the workload and type of snow removal operations you expect to engage in.

V-Plow versus Straight Blade Snow Plows

The most common makes of snow plows are v-plows and straight blades. Named for the shape of the blade, the main difference is the versatility they offer. V-plows provide drivers with flexibility when angling and directing the blade. These plows can carry snow with minimum spilling and are effective for hard-packed snow, ice, and deep drifts as well as for making an initial breakthrough.

Straight blade snow plows can’t be turned and angled in as many ways. This means they are less versatile but easier to use, making them a good option for those just starting a snow removal business.

When Purchasing New Snow Removal Equipment, Rely on a Reputable Dealer

Buying new snow removal equipment is an investment in the future of your business. You can count on the experts at Plow Parts Direct to help you choose snow plows, spreaders, accessories and parts that will pay dividends now and for years to come.

Plow Parts Direct has been an authorized Western and Sno-Way dealer for close to 50 years, and we sell and service hundreds of snow plows and spreaders each year. Our experts can provide the guidance and advice you need when buying new equipment, regardless of the size of your snow-removal operation.

We also stock hundreds of thousands of dollars in parts, so you can rest assured we will have what you need, when you need it. And we offer complete installation and repair on both brands. Place your orders now to avoid shipping delays – give us a call at 888-260-3246. 

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