Traffic and Athletic Field Marking Paint Liquidation Sale

Traffic and Athletic Field Marking Paint Liquidation Sale

Traffic and Athletic Field Marking Paint Liquidation Sale

With the wear and tear on roads, parking lots and athletic fields season after season, proper maintenance can help reduce costs for municipalities and school districts. This includes repainting fading lines and traffic markings during warmer months of the year.

Traffic Safety Direct offers a number of long-lasting traffic marking and athletic field marking paints. And now is the time to stock up for next spring’s maintenance projects during our Traffic and Athletic Field Marking Paint Liquidation Sale!

Get Discounts on In-Stock Aerosol Marking Paints and 5-Gallon Pails

As winter approaches and the weather turns colder, we are offering discounted pricing on our in-stock traffic and athletic aerosol paints and 5-gallon pails while supplies last! We’re taking 25% off regular case pricing on aerosol paints (white traffic paint regularly priced at $75.00 a case is now $56.25 a case.) And 5-gallon pails are 20% off regular pricing, so white traffic paint that is normally $110 a pail has been reduced to $88 a pail.

Durable Traffic Marking Paints Work on Asphalt and Concrete Surfaces

Harsh weather, salting and plowing can accelerate the fading of traffic markings on roads and in parking lots. Traffic Safety Direct sells durable, quick-drying paints for repainting markings on both asphalt and concrete surfaces or applying fresh markings on newly-paved surfaces.

Aerosol Traffic Marking Paint is Easy to Use

An easy-to-use aerosol traffic marking paint specifically formulated for line striping over freshly coated asphalt, Stripe® Extra Traffic Marker is traffic ready in one hour and VOC compliant. (Compliance to standards for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) is important for environmental reasons and adhering to certain government regulations.) Each can covers approximately 250 linear feet (4″ wide stripe) and colors include white, yellow, blue and black. The universal spray head works in standard marking machines, or it can be used by hand for marking stencils or curbs.

Waterbase Traffic Marking Paint is Formulated for Roads and Parking Lots

Waterbase Traffic and Parking Lot Paint is user friendly and ideal for painting lane, edge and center lines on both asphalt and concrete roadways, as well as symbols, legends and parking lots. This paint reduces and cleans up with water (no special solvents needed), and dries to no pickup in less than 25 minutes. A single gallon yields 320 feet of 4" stripe and our 5-gallon pails come in white, lead free yellow, black or blue.

Choosing the Right Athletic Field Striping Paint

Keeping athletic fields in tip-top shape year-round requires choosing marking paints that have been specially formulated for grass or turf playing surfaces. Using other types of paints on grass fields could damage or kill the grass. With artificial turf fields, it’s a good idea to check with the field manufacturer for tips on selecting the right paint.

Our Stripe Athletic Field Marker is safe for grass and new grass growth, so you can use it on all kinds of grass athletic fields, including football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse and field hockey. It’s also great for lawn and clay tennis courts and golf courses. Painting sharp, bright lines in a single application is quick and easy. It dries in just 15 minutes, so you can paint and play in the same day. This fast-drying feature also makes Stripe Athletic Field Marker ideal for last-minute touch-ups and for field painting during spring’s often inclement weather.

One can of Stripe Athletic Field Marker will stripe approximately 300 linear feet (4" wide stripe), and available colors are white, orange and red. This paint is not only long-lasting and VOC compliant, but it has been specifically developed to work in nearly all line painting machines. It features a universal spray head and has been engineered for use in an inverted position.

The knowledgeable team at Traffic Safety Direct is here to help you choose the right products for all of your traffic and athletic field painting needs. Call or email us today for details on specially priced paints – and order now while supplies last!

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