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Solar LED Stop Sign

Solar LED Stop Sign
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Our line of LED Illuminated Signs offers an effective Solar powered alternative to conventional passive signage. SLI signs consist of a self contained system that can easily be adapted to replace any existing traffic or commercial sign, increasing their visibility and effectiveness at night as well as promoting the safety of both pedestrians and motor vehicle operators.

Our Solar LED Illuminated Signs incorporate High Quality Monocrystalline Solar Panels (one of the most efficient Photovoltaic cells on the market) with high efficiency LEDs. The combination of solar energy with the use of LED lighting results in a high quality and consumption free electrical system.


Advantages of LED illuminated Signs:

  • Easy installation

  • Energy efficient; consumes 90% less electricity.

  • Visible for up to 500 meters.

  • No caballing or electrical grid required.

  • No maintenance/service required (3yr guarantee).

  • Once fully charged, can work for up to 10 days without sun.

  • Adaptable to virtually any sign.


Light Source:

High Intensity Optical LED's; 50,000 hours life span    


Power Supply:

Lead Acid Battery; 3,000 charge cycles / High Quality Monocrystalline Solar Panels


Viewing Distance:

500m +


Operating Time:

10 nights on a single charge. Automatic turn on when ambient light falls below 215 lux.