Rubber Curb Stops Are Ideal for Commercial and Home Use

Rubber Curb Stops Are Ideal for Commercial and Home Use

Motorists are all too familiar with the hazards of driving, but one of the most surprising facts is that most accidents occur close to home. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, approximately 52 percent of auto accidents occur within a five-mile radius of home. There are many reasons for this, but generally drivers tend to be more distracted and have a false sense of security when they are nearing their destination.

Car accidents that happen in places like parking lots and driveways can do tremendous damage to curbs, sidewalks, buildings, landscaping, and other cars – even when drivers are traveling at slow speeds. One way to prevent damage before it occurs is to use rubber curb stops.

Rubber Curb Stops Help Protect Against Damage Before it Occurs

Heavy-duty rubber curb stops are designed essentially to help define parking boundaries and guide drivers into a designated spot or space. By working to ensure that vehicles do not roll past certain points, curb stops let drivers know exactly when and where to stop their vehicles.

This can prevent mishaps and protect buildings and vehicles from the resulting damage that can occur during parking – whether inside a commercial parking structure or home garage or in an outdoor lot or driveway. Curb stops not only increase safety, but they are a useful tool for creating a uniform and organized appearance in a commercial parking facility or lot.

Recycled Rubber Curb Stops Are Durable and Enviro-Friendly

Rubber curb stops are an inexpensive, easy-to-install and durable safety solution. Traffic Safety Direct offers curb stops made from 100% recycled rubber from tires. Keeping used tires from ending up in local landfills makes these stops a smart alternative for “green” businesses committed to using environmentally-friendly products.Heavy-duty rubber is also more impact resistant than concrete, which can break, crumble and leave debris in the path of drivers and pedestrians. Rubber stops won’t warp, rot, crack, or chip, and can withstand exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures and intense UV rays.

Our curb stops come in 3’ and 6’ lengths with reflective safety strips in a variety of colors – including yellow, white and blue to mark accessibility spaces. These vibrant colors ensure higher visibility in lower light driving conditions and will not fade over time. Rubber curb stops require no maintenance and reduce damage to vehicles upon impact, making them a reliable and economical choice for commercial and home use.

Installation is Fast and Easy

In addition to these features and benefits, rubber curb stops are far easier to install than cement stops. Great for permanent or temporary use, they come with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting (installation hardware is sold separately.) Plus, rubber curb stops are so lightweight a single person can secure them without the need for heavy machinery or special tools.

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