Restrictions Are Lifted – Time to Replenish Your Traffic Safety Products

Restrictions Are Lifted – Time to Replenish Your Traffic Safety Products

Restrictions Are Lifted – Time to Replenish Your Traffic Safety Products

With the lifting of most COVID restrictions, people are eager to get out and enjoy all that summer has to offer. The array of outdoor fairs, flea markets, parades, sporting events, and concerts, coupled with employees returning to the workplace, is resulting in more  traffic – both vehicular and pedestrian – than we’ve seen in a very long time.

Counties and municipalities are often responsible for ensuring public safety at the many outdoor activities that take place in their communities. Crowd control can be challenging for even the smallest of venues, but the larger the event, the more important it is to have safety measures are in place. The easier it is for pedestrians and vehicles to navigate into and out of the event, the less likely accidents are to occur.

Whether you are parking large numbers of cars in a vacant field or guiding crowds to your event entrance, now is the time to make sure you have adequate traffic safety products on hand to help manage the increased traffic.

Traffic Cones and Delineators are Versatile, Easy to Set Up Safety Devices

A wide variety of visible, durable, and portable traffic control products are available to help ensure that events are safe and enjoyable for everyone. For starters, direct traffic flow or mark restricted areas with our versatile Traffic Cones. Built to withstand vehicle impact and extreme weather conditions, they come in sizes ranging from 5 to 36 inches and are available with or without striping in a range of vivid colors. Cone signs can be used to add details or directions, and retractable cone bars are a quick and affordable way to set up a reflective barrier.

Stock Up on Traffic Cones and Cone Bars During Our Summer Solstice Sale

Through July 31, you can save up to 30% on orange traffic cones in multiple sizes and take advantage of a deep discount our new extendable cone bar. This “economy” version of our premium extendable cone bar is available in the 6’ to 10’ size in orange and white for just $19.95.

Designed for quick set-up in locations with limited space, our bright orange plastic Delineator Posts feature bands of reflective tape for improved daytime and nighttime visibility. Lightweight and portable, these posts have a flared bottom that securely attaches to a rubber base (sold separately) and prevents them from getting knocked over. String the posts with plastic chains to help maintain social distancing or mark designated areas or walkways. And don’t forget to have plenty of battery-operated 7” Electronic Safety Batons on hand for directing oncoming traffic in situations where low or poor visibility is an issue.

Clear and Visible Signage is Essential for Keeping Pedestrians and Drivers Informed

Signs are a vital safety tool and a simple and effective way to help create awareness and keep people informed. To spread the word about your event, you can use an array of economical signage options including yard signs and banners. Traffic Safety Direct’s 24x18 Coroplast Yard Signs are made from lightweight, durable corrugated plastic, printed with fade-resistant inks, and can be installed in seconds. Our custom sign department can create signs and banners for any occasion. Whether you are advertising your walk-a-thon or directing people to the VIP tent, call the shop at 201-327-6050 to discuss your specific needs.

Two-sided folding sign stands are an affordable and user-friendly tool for getting your message across. The QLA-Plus Rolling Sign Holder is a quick-loading A-frame that holds two standard 24” x 36” coroplast sign panels (sold separately) and can tip and roll from either side – eliminating lifting and carrying. It’s perfect for custom graphics or when you need to change messages frequently.

No matter what your crowd and traffic control product needs, our knowledgeable sales team is here to offer helpful advice on keeping people safe and in-the-know this summer – and all year long. Contact Traffic Safety Direct today!


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