How to Increase Safety for Large Trucks with Conspicuity Tape

How to Increase Safety for Large Trucks with Conspicuity Tape

As Americans, we are driving more because of lower gas prices and a better economy. Unfortunately, the number of vehicle related deaths in 2016 increased 6% compared to 2015 and 14% over 2014. These statistics are according to the NSC Motor Vehicle Fatality Estimates prepared by the Statistics Department National Safety Council

There are many different types of vehicles on the roads together. We may have preconceived notions about the  contribution large trucks have on these unfortunate vehicle safety statistics. But, as "Truck Driving Accidents – Causes, Fatalities, Statistics and Costs" states

"Each year there are thousands of truck accidents, leading to injuries and fatalities, expensive insurance claims and lengthy traffic jams as wreckage is cleared. It is easy to make assumptions about truck driving accidents, and a common assumption is that the truck owner operators are almost always at fault due to the sheer size of their vehicles. However, the statistics reveal that is not the case. What is true is that large trucks are involved in fewer accidents than other types of vehicles per 100 million miles driven, but these accidents have a higher rate of fatalities."

Helping to increase safety records of large trucks are regulations covering the conspicuity of the truck. The word "conspicuity" means that which is very obvious to the eye (like something that is conspicuous from a distance). In this case, conspicuity refers to a truck being able to draw attention to its presence. All vehicles sold in the United States come factory equipped with certain legally-required devices helping them be conspicuous to some degree. However, the purpose of making a truck conspicuous is more than just enhancing its visibility. The real objective is to provide other drivers with information about the truck's size, position and other aspects of its presence.

Durable, easy to apply red and white reflective conspicuity tape helps meet this objective. When properly applied, Conspicuity Tape can reduce the risk of motorists bumping into the side or the rear of truck trailers. At nighttime and during inclement weather conditions, truck trailers are hard to see.

Conspicuity Tape is also called Reflective Tape or Reflector Tape. Federal regulations require the use of conspicuity tape on trailers, flatbeds, tankers, and the rear of truck tractors. The addition of red and white reflective conspicuity tape enhances visibility and improves safety on the road. With so much at stake, you want a tape that is easy to apply and durable.

Consicuity tape comes in different versions. One is Diamond Grade Red and White Reflective Tape. Traffic Safety Direct provides this type of tape. Reflective Conspicuity Tape from Traffic Safety Direct include 11” red and 7” white alternating stripes that are made from Diamond Grade reflective material that is 6 times brighter than conventional markings. This tape reflects at angles approaching 90 degrees with a rigid design and a pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application. Our tape is DOT certified and meets and exceeds NHTSA requirements.

The objective is to further improve the safety records of large trucks on our highways and local roads. Contact us to learn more about out Conspicuity red and white reflective tape. 

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