Electric Vehicle Charging Station Stencils and Paint a Sign of the Times

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Stencils and Paint a Sign of the Times

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Stencils and Paint a Sign of the Times

Rising gas prices and climate change have been making headlines – and accelerating people’s interest in electric vehicles (EV). The EV market, which has been expanding slowly but steadily, experienced explosive growth in 2021. Sales increased 40% year-over-year, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022 and beyond. A Bloomberg New Energy Finance study projected that by 2040, zero-emission vehicles will account for 70% of new passenger vehicles globally.

As the landscape of cars and trucks evolves, cities, towns and businesses will need to keep pace by installing electric vehicle charging stations. Traffic Safety Direct is here to help supply the paint and stencil needs of those who are tasked with signing and marking these designated areas.

More EV Options for Eco-Conscious Drivers

The auto industry is starting to roll out many more options for drivers who are looking to go electric. There were 59 EV models available in the U.S. in 2020, with Tesla  continuing to lead the way in sales. However, manufacturers from Toyota to General Motors are introducing new all-electric models in 2022 and 2023. These include Ford’s popular F-150 truck, an electric version of the Chevy Equinox, the BMW iX and Toyota’s bZ4X SUV.

Owners can easily keep their EVs charged if they install a charger in their home garage. But public charging stations – which are essential for mass EV adoption – continue to be in short supply. According to the Department of Energy, there were around 46,000 public EV charging stations in the U.S. as of 2021 compared to more than 150,000 gas fueling stations.

The Network of EV Charging Stations Is Expanding

The good news is this number will expand dramatically along with rising demand for and production of electric cars. The Biden administration has targeted half of all new car sales in the U.S. to be electric in less than 10 years, and private investors as well as states and the federal government are making billions of dollars available to create a nationwide network of charging stations to support this projected growth. For example, the infrastructure package recently passed by Congress has earmarked $7.5 billion to develop 500,000 EV charging stations by 2030.

We’ve Got Stencils and Paint for Marking EV Charging Stations in Stock!

From shopping centers to city streets and parking garages, EV charging stations have been popping up to accommodate both suburban and urban drivers. And service providers and properties need to identify parking spaces for the motorists who use them.

Traffic Safety Direct – your home for standard and made-to-order signs – has custom street and parking lot stencils for marking electric vehicle charging stations. Our 1/8" thick stencils are made from heavy-duty poly material that holds up on rough surfaces and is durable enough to use again and again. We also sell Number and Letter Stencil Kits, Handicapped Parking Stencils, and Arrow Stencils. Don’t see what you need? Call or e-mail our Sign Shop experts at signshop@TrafficSafetyDirect.com.

We have also stocked up on green Waterbase Traffic and Parking Lot Paint used specifically for designating EV charging locations. Specially formulated for painting parking lots and smaller lane line striping equipment, our user-friendly, nonflammable latex paint cleans up with water and performs equally well on asphalt and concrete. Available in 5-gallon pails, it also comes in white, lead free yellow, black, blue, and red.

NOTE: Traffic Safety Direct continues to experience longer lead times on certain products as a result of ongoing supply chain issues. Customers who need paint are encouraged to place orders now to avoid running short. 

No matter what your traffic safety needs are this spring, we’ve got you covered! Contact Traffic Safety Direct today!

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