Benefits of Concrete Filled Steel Bollards

Benefits of Concrete Filled Steel Bollards

Benefits of Concrete Filled Steel Bollards

Bollards are a familiar site in both urban and suburban environments. These short, sturdy posts are common in parking lots and parks, along streets and sidewalks, near office buildings and storefronts, and even inside warehouses and other industrial buildings.

Bollards come in multiple styles and sizes, and are often built to blend into their surroundings. But from a functional standpoint they serve a common purpose: securing and protecting buildings and people by restricting motor vehicle access in specific areas.

Bollards Can Be Effective Safety Devices in a Variety of Locations

The term “bollard” originally referred to a short post on a ship or quay used primarily for mooring boats. Today it also refers to posts installed to control and guide road traffic. Bollards are a practical and cost-effective way to protect pedestrians and motorists by providing visual indications, guiding traffic, and even helping to increase driver awareness to reduce vehicle speed.

Because bollards create a physical barrier to keep people safe and structures protected, they are beneficial safety devices in a variety of public spaces. Typical uses include securing storefronts in shopping malls, protecting sidewalks, pathways, play areas, and bicycle trails, and improving security in parking areas. Bollards are also ideal for use in industrial settings to protect employees from potentially dangerous machinery or to prevent trucks from entering secure spaces.

Bollards come in different styles and sizes to suit different end-uses. Heights typically range from 30″ to 48″ and average 36″ tall. The type you select depends on the overall objective. For instance, if you are using bollards to protect a garage door from large trucks, you may want to install taller and thicker posts. If you are separating a parking lot from a paved pathway, smaller or thinner bollards can be used.

Why Use Concrete Filled Steel Bollards

From a security standpoint, bollards are designed to either absorb or deflect a potential threat. To be effective, bollards should be designed to be bent or distorted on impact.

Security bollards made of structural grade steel filled with concrete have increased traffic-stopping power. An unreinforced concrete post by itself has little bending strength, so it would easily break if hit by a car. The pipe adds strength and give, while the concrete creates an additional degree of inertia and helps the pipe resist buckling or collapsing at the point of impact.

Bollard covers can be used to enhance the appearance of steel concrete filled security bollards that are installed in public areas. These covers are made from a variety of materials, including iron, aluminum, steel, and plastic.

Traffic Safety Direct Concrete Filled Steel Bollards Offer Safety and Durability

Traffic Safety Direct bollards are made from minimum 3,000 psi concrete batches and specified pipe or tubing to withstand significant impact. Our 84" x 4" Primed Concrete-Filled Steel Bollard is ready to install and can be paired with one of our 4" bollard covers for a more polished, maintenance-free look  -or painted for a more cost-effective option.

Bollards with a “Safety Yellow” powder coated finish, such as our 84" x 6" Concrete-Filled Steel Bollard and our  4" OD x 3' Steel Bollard with Install Plate, are durable and long-lasting. If the steel is going to be exposed, it is usually powder coated to protect against corrosion. During the coating process, even pinhole-sized breaks in coverage are eliminated, making powder coating more weather-resistant and an easy finish to maintain over time. 

The experts at Traffic Safety Direct are here to help you choose the best concrete filled steel bollard styles and sizes to meet your project needs. Call or email us today!

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