Alternative Barricades for Safety at Road Construction Sites

Alternative Barricades for Safety at Road Construction Sites

During the construction process, traffic patterns will be disrupted. This is due to a combination of temporary routes and detours. Traffic safety products are required to meet the requirements identified in Traffic Control Plans.

To help identify the different zones of a road construction site, barricades are used. There are many different barricades products. Below we cover popular alternative barricades used at a road construction site to manage detours and modified traffic patterns.

Water Fillable Barricades

The best uses for Water Fillable Barricades are temporary work zones, Road Detours, Sporting Events, Construction Projects, Demolition Areas, Theme Parks, Airports, Parking Garages.

These water fillable barricades are light weight and can conform to any road way design. No heavy machinery is needed to install. But, they can be picked up by a forklift.

Breakaway Barricades Type III

The Breakaway Barricades Type III are NCHRP 350 compliant. There are two pieces that are comprised of a top U channel that snaps into the second piece, which is the bottom base.

They never rust or splinter. Ballasting is with water (warmer climates), sand or sandbags. So they are quick and easy to set-up or take down.

Classic Folding barricade

Then there is the Classic Folding Barricade that are the standard for high quality traffic barricades. Since these are plastic, they are a safer alternative and have a lower liability than metal or wooden barricades. They come with provisions for mounting light.

A-Frame Barricade (leg)

Plastic A-frame barricades take the place of their wooden counterparts reducing liability and operational expense. A-frame legs accept 2" x 8" planks and have holes built-in for mounting warning lights.

Planks come in 8' lengths as well as reflective sheeting options. Customize your barricades for identification and added theft deterrent. Conforms to M.U.T.C.D.
Note: You need 2 legs and 1 plank to make a set.

Traffic Safety Direct

At Traffic Safety Direct, we provide traffic safety products to keep the road construction sites safe for the workers and citizens. Contact us at Traffic Safety Direct and let us know how we may be able to assist you.

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