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Perma Patch Asphalt Repair

All Season, All Weather Permanent Asphalt Patching Material. Easy to Use. No Mixing. No Special Pothole Preparation. Displaces Water and Accepts Immediate Traffic. See Product Info Below.
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Perma-Patch is the Simple, Fast, Effective Way to Permanently Repair Potholes

  •    All Season
  •    All Weather
  •    No Mixing
  •    No Special Pothole Preparation Needed
  •    Permanent Patching Material
  •    Displaces Water
  •    Accepts Immediate Traffic
  •    2-Year Shelf Life

The winter weather can wreak havoc on roads, parking lots and driveways leaving dangerous potholes in its wake. Cold mix Perma-Patch makes it easy to fill hazardous cracks and craters even in frigid temperatures in no time at all - and without the need for heated asphalt or rolling.

Fast and Practical Pothole Solution

Perma-Patch requires no mixing or preparation. Three simple steps and you have permanently repaired the pothole: 

  1. Remove loose debris from the pothole and surrounding area.
  2. Pour Perma-Patch right from the bag directly into the pothole.
  3. Compact with tamper, small plate compactor, or just drive over!

That's it! No heating. No rolling. Just pour and compact and you have instantly repaired a treacherous hazard.

Use the Same Patching Material Year Round

Perma-Patch bonds permanently to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood, and other hard surfaces in ALL KINDS OF WEATHER - from . -0° to 100°, Rain and Snow.


Watch Perma-Patch Demo Video


How to Store Perma-Patch

Bags should be kept in a dry/covered area. Though the product can be used in water-filled holes, bags should be stored in dry conditions to prevent deterioration of the paper plies. Should the bag become wet, allow it to fully dry before handling.

Patching Coverage Calculation

One 60 lb. bag of Perma-Patch fills 0.48 cubic feet (0.0127 m³) of area—6 square foot area, 1” deep.


 Also available for pick up at our New Jersey location.