3 Ways to Promote Your Event with Custom Signs

3 Ways to Promote Your Event with Custom Signs

3 Ways to Promote Your Event with Custom Signs

The last few months of the year are filled with special events, from sports tournaments and community health fairs to fundraising dinners and industry conferences. Whether it is large or small, or takes place indoors or out, signage is an essential component of every successful event.

The primary reasons for using signs are to attract people to your event and to simplify the attendee experience during and after the event. However, the right signage can deliver additional marketing benefits. These include:

  •        Increasing awareness of your business, organization or cause
  •        Promoting products or services
  •        Highlighting event sponsors
  •        Generating engagement or new business

Any combination of signs, symbols and design elements used at an event can be considered signage. However, because signs not only attract attention but shape attendee impressions, it is crucial that you plan well in advance in terms of when and where to use them and what they will look like.

3 Ways to Use Signs: Before, During and After Your Event

Whether it is to launch a new product, promote a cause, educate the community or show appreciation for honorees and sponsors, effective signage can help ensure success before, during and after your event.

Signage Before the Event:

To get the word out and spark interest in your event, you can use an array of signage options including banners, yard signs, flags and posters. Because of their highly visual nature, signs provide an ideal opportunity to promote your business brand, your organization’s mission, and your sponsors. Just make sure to give prominence to the most critical event details: the date, time, location, and contact information.

As soon as you have determined your event venue, consider your attendee experience from beginning to end and determine what signage you will need and where to direct and update people during your event. While this will vary from event to event, essential signage can include:

  •        Entrance/Welcome
  •        Registration, packet pickup or ticket will-call
  •        Restrooms
  •        Food and drink vendors
  •        Information/Customer Service
  •        Electronic charging stations
  •        Exits

Signage During the Event:

Create an impact from the start with eye-catching custom signs at the entrance to your venue, and make good use of the event registration area. Think about this as the official welcome zone for your event, where you can capture your audience’s attention as they line up or wait for friends or colleagues to arrive. Signage here can include sponsor promotion and vendor or organization advertising.

One of the most common mistakes event organizers make when they design or select event signage is to focus on more on image than on supporting the needs of their guests. Help people find what they’re looking for or where they need to go by using clear, simple and easy to read wayfinding signs. Protect attendees by having the proper safety and regulatory signage in place. Reinforce your event branding by customizing all of your directional signage with your event, business and/or organization logo.

Signage After the Event:

Use directional signs to help people safely exit the premises and thank them for attending. Make your exit-area signs memorable by including your event logo and key message.

Work with Professionals to Create Effective Custom Signs

Keep in mind that each sign provides an opportunity for you to connect with – and impress – your audience.  Working with experienced professionals will help ensure that your signs are not only engaging but effective.

Traffic Safety Direct has been making quality custom signs for over 50 years. From banners, yard signs and logo designs to construction and street signs, we serve municipalities, non-profits, schools and businesses throughout the New Jersey and New York area.

This year we gave our Sign Shop a complete makeover, installing the latest equipment and stocking hundreds of colors so we can design the perfect signs for every occasion. We also have plenty of resources and samples to help inspire your creativity. You can check out our renovation video here.

If you’re planning events for the fall or holiday season, let Traffic Safety Direct handle all of your signage needs. For more information on our custom sign services, give us a call at 888-260-3246 or e-mail us at SignShop@TrafficSafetyDirect.com.




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