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$17.85 - $225.00

A-Plus Folding, Rolling Sign Holder

A-Plus. The Ultimate Folding, Rolling, Quick loading A-Frame Sign.
From $116.55

Dicke SDL1000L Roll Up Sign Stand

The Dicke SDL1000L Roll Up Sign Stand
From $87.20

Dicke STF18-RG/RU Sign Stand

Dicke STF18-RG/RU Sign Stand
From $175.20

Minicade Plastic Sign Stand

Minicade Plastic Sign Stand
From $44.76

Narrowcade Plastic Sign Stand

Narrowcade Plastic Sign Stand
From $50.36

Phoenix Sign Stand

Phoenix Sign Stand - 45 lbs Includes Recycled Rubber Base, Steel Plate, 6' Plastic Post and steel locking pin.
From $89.25

Plastic sign base

The Davidson sign post system allows for rapid installation of a lightweight, durable plastic post. Less expensive than steel, and far more visible, our system takes only minutes to install and will last for years. These posts will bend when struck, return to vertical and won’t damage vehicles like steel posts. The plastic bases will accept both plastic or 1.75” square steel tube, upright sign posts and will lock securely in place with a simple bolt or quick release pin.
From $21.25

Plastic x square post

Plastic x square post for use with Davidson plastic bases.
From $27.20

Portable Sign Base and 48" Pole

Our wheeled portable sign bases and poles are durable and versatile. See Detailed Product Info Below.
From $85.00

Roll Up Sign Bracket

Optional Roll-Up bracket for SZ-460-2S and SZ-412-2S stands.
This bracket is necessary to mount a roll up sign on either of these stands.

From $14.21

Signicade Deluxe Folding sign stand

Signicade DeLuxe are perfect for those who want to change their signs quickly by sliding the sign in and out.
From $116.00

Signicade Plastic Sign Stand

Signicade Plastic Sign Stand
From $88.00