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DOT Reflective Tape Placement on Large Truck Trailers
DOT Reflective Tape Placement on Large Truck Trailers

The regulation from the Department of Transportation (DOT) on conspicuity material referred to as DOT C2 states that each trailer  of 80 or more inches overall width, and with a GVWR over 10,000 lbs. must have retro-reflective sheeting, such as reflective tape. (trailer designation comes with some additional stipulations such as date of manufacturing, etc)

All vehicles sold in the United States have factory equipped and legally required devices helping them to be visible in low light and inclement weather. However, the objective is to increase safety records of large trucks by ensuring the location and size of the trailer of large trucks is clearly seen.

DOT Conspicuity Tape Requirements
DOT Conspicuity Tape Requirements

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has developed regulations to help ensure the visibility of large trucks during low light and inclement weather conditions. DOT C2 (S5.7.1.3(d)) is the regulation that specifies the requirements of reflective tape added to a truck's trailer to increase the trailer's conspicuity.

This regulation increases the safety records of large trucks. A truck that is over 10,000 pounds and wider than 80 inches must apply conspicuity tape to the trailer. The reflective tape must meet DOT's conspicuity tape requirements.

All vehicles sold in the United States come with factory equipped and legally required devices helping them to be visible. These devices include the factory installed headlights, parking lights and reflectors, to name just a few. However, the purpose of making a truck conspicuous is more than just enhancing its visibility. The objective is ultimately to provide other drivers with information about the truck's size, position and other aspects of its presence. DOT conspicuity reflective tape regulation greatly helps with this objective - by not just addressing the truck's visibility, but, also its conspicuity.

The DOT C2 regulation is named that because DOT (Department of Transportation) developed the regulations and the 2 in the name of the regulation specifies the minimum width in inches of the approved tape. There are more requirements regarding the construction and materials of the tape. For instance, the stripes are to be 11” red and 7” white alternating stripes. 

The Conspicuity Tape from Traffic Safety Direct meets these requirements and more.

      11” red and 7” white alternating stripes

      2” x 50-yard roll

      Made from Diamond Grade reflective material that is 6 times brighter than conventional markings

      Reflect at angles approaching 90 degrees

      Rigid design with pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application

      Vivid red and bright white colors to ensure maximum reflectivity and daytime visibility

      Extremely durable and non-corroding formulation that resists dirt, elements, aging, and common solvents for years

      DOT certified

      Meets and exceeds NHTSA requirements

      7-year limited warranty

Although this red and white reflective tape is a trucking industry staple, it is also an ideal added safety feature for Fire Trucks, EMS Vehicles, School Buses and anything that needs increased conspicuity.

Contact us to discuss the application and use of DOT Conspicuity tape. We are here to help.