Sign Stands

Construction signs portable sign stands.

Zephyr Sign Stand

CODE: Sign:stan26000-2RS

Zephyr Sign Stand

SafeZone Series SZ-460-2S

CODE: sign:stanSZ-460-2S

The SZ-460-2S sign stand holds rigid or roll-up signs 60” above the ground for maximum visibility. This height meets the minimum height requirement as set forth in the MANUAL ON UNIFORM TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES (MUTCD).

SafeZone Series SZ-412-2S

CODE: sign:stanSZ-412-2S

SafeZone Series SZ-412-2S Dual Spring Stand It’s the first SafeZone Series Sign Stand designed to accommodate both rigid & roll-up signs. Dual coil springs and a wide base allow the SZ-412-2S to withstand heavy winds without additional sandbags or ballast. The SZ-412-2S is a great choice for anyone who needs rigid sign capabilities or transitions from rigid signs to roll-up signs.

SafeZone Series SZ-412

CODE: sign:stanSZ-412

SafeZone Series SZ-412 Springless Sign Stand for roll up signs The SafeZone Series SZ-412 is a super lightweight compact springless sign stand for use with roll-up signs. Easy to use and easy to store, its single sign attachment point allows for quick deployment in the field. Telescopic legs with both pull pin and kick release levers can be released by hand or foot for fast set-up. Independently adjustable legs with three height adjustments for uneven terrain makes for ease of use along right of ways and medians.

Roll Up Sign Bracket



Optional Roll-Up bracket for SZ-460-2S and SZ-412-2S stands.
This bracket is necessary to mount a roll up sign on either of these stands.